Sacred Spirit Guide Ceremony - December 4th, 2022
aloha Kai

Sacred Spirit Guide Ceremony - December 4th, 2022

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I am excited to offer an in-person ceremony to help connect you with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors. I have been intuitively guided to support you on this magical journey.

This will take place at a private residence in East Burnaby. The location will be sent one week prior to the ceremony.

Time: 6pm - 9pm


Light Meal and Snacks

Safe Intimate Space to bring your Guides in and share, if you choose to

Support to connect you with your Spirit Homies

Guided Meditation to assist you in Grounding and Connecting

Reiki, Intuitive Messages and Sound Healing during the Meditation or when called to share

Take Home Material so you can continue to connect with your Guides, Ancestors and Ascended Masters

Pay What You Can

Regular - For those that are able to contribute the full amount: $55

Supported - Discounted: $44

Full Support - Free and paid for by another participant. Your spot will be confirmed based on support received. Not a guaranteed spot but as soon as a "Blessings Tier" is claimed, I will email you: $0

Blessings - For you and another participant that would appreciate the support. You will be blessing someone with a free spot. We will contact them directly to let them know. You will receive a gift for this tier: $111

Who is this for?

Anyone that feels called to explore the Journey Inward or currently is on this Journey.

Anyone that is curious but has or hasn't attended an event like this.

Anyone that has connected with their Spirit Guides, Ancestors or Ascended Masters but wants to have a deeper relationship with them.

Anyone that may feel alone in the Journey and wants to meet Soul-Minded individuals.

What should I expect?

You will arrive to a space with plants, crystals and candles to bring a calm and loving energy. You will be offered a light meal as you settle in. The group will be small as to allow for each person to share, if they choose, and intimate to create a safe environment.

Once everyone has finished their meals and introduced themselves, we will begin the evening. You will be invited to participate in a meditation and then I will guide everyone thru a short but peaceful sound healing. I will share reiki energy with each person while providing messages from your Guides, as they come thru. 

You will have time to journal about your experience and share if you feel called to.

Throughout the ceremony, I will share my experiences and you can ask questions and share.

You will leave with information to help you continue to connect, tips on how to clear energy and stay grounded and more.

The flow of the evening may change based on how I am intuitively called to proceed but this will give you an idea of what to expect :)

I don't know anything about Spirit Guides or Ascended Masters, why should I come?

If you feel that there's more to you being on Earth, or you've had a voice in your head nudging you to explore but you have no idea where to start, this is a great safe place to begin.

Our Spirit Homies (as I like to call mine!), Ascended Masters are KEY to our Journey Inward. They guide us to where we need to go because they love us unconditionally and want us to succeed in all areas of our life.

Once you learn how to call on them, you will no longer feel alone. In fact, you'll feel so very supported and loved.

I'm nervous to call on Spirits. Is this safe?

I ask that you come with an open-mind. I will guide you on to connect with them and also how to protect yourself from negative energies every day. Just as we shower daily, we need to protect ourselves as well. This is not at all scary and it will be a beautiful experience. If you are feeling very fearful, I ask that you email or message me before booking.

If you have any other questions, please email me at or message me on Instagram on @alohakaisoul. There are very limited spaces but we will host another if there's enough interest!

Please note that I will be away with no access to my device from Nov 2nd to Nov 13th. If you reach out during that time, I will reply as soon as I return.

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