Spread the Aloha Army

Aloha is a way of life. It’s also a Hawaiian word that is commonly used to greet someone and to say goodbye. Aloha is a special word that embodies the spirit of love, compassion, kindness, and treating people with respect. In Hawaiian culture, aloha is a feeling that comes from the heart, and it’s so much more than a hello/goodbye.

Learning to spread the aloha every day will shape our children’s values and provide opportunities for all of us to develop kindness and compassion. To spread the aloha, we only need to do small things with great love.

Here are some simple ways to spread the aloha every day:

  • Smile! There are so many opportunities to smile every day, anywhere we go. It can be when you walk by a stranger on your way to school or work, when you are at the cashier paying for your coffee, or when you see another parent as you drop your child off at school. Basically any time you see someone. It will make you feel good, and it’s infectious!
  • Give someone a hug. It’s amazing what a simple hug can do!
  • Let someone in your life know how grateful you are for them. It can be your mom, your spouse, a teacher, your barista, your child.
  • Pay someone a compliment. Be sure that it’s sincere and comes from the heart.
  • Lend a helping hand. It can be as small as picking up something someone has accidentally dropped or helping someone carry their groceries. 
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